Year: 2019

Brief: innovative tuna salad packaging that looks healthy (not like canned food)

Status: concept

The innovative packaging design proposal is inspired by the idea of a balanced and healthy meal based on tuna and fresh ingredients. Designed for 190 g. portion/250ml and shaped as a “to go” meal, the package evokes, in terms of general shape and volumetric structure, the image of a plate with a napkin in order to reinterpret the “classical” canned food enhancing the idea of quality, elegance and taste.

The project consists in 2 parts: the first- the detachable lid which contains 4 compartments for fresh ingredients such as vegetables/ pulses/cereals and the second -the main plate for the main ingredient (tuna). Each compartment is properly sealed in order to maintain the ingredients separately fresh and dry. If necessary, this concept is easy to adapt to other configurations with more or less than the 4 suggested compartments (the number can vary from 3 to 6) if needed. The lid is positioned in the upper side of the product and offers the user the possibility of customizing which ingredient is suitable to be mixed with tuna (a great advantage in case of allergies or other preferences). In addition, thanks to the structure of the packaging, the ingredients can be kept dry (e.g. croutons). The lid is designed from a transparent plastic and can be personalized through various labels keeping in mind that both the cutlery and the ingredients remain visible.

The main tuna plate consists in two different compartments: the first is designed and sealed for preserving the tuna meal and the second is a napkin like shape storing area for a special piece of cutlery and one or more napkins. The piece of cutlery is designed as a “sfork” (spoon + fork) made of recycled plastic with the same tuna color shade. The material proposal is matte plastic colored with the specific pink shade used by this brand in order to suggest the content without showing aggressively the image of the meat.

One of the most important advantages of this proposal is the versatility in mass-production by using the same main tuna plate (base) and transparent lid for possible various products without additional packaging. In other words, the producer can easily manufacture numerous typologies of products changing only the ingredients on the same transparent lid.

The overall shape of the packaging was designed taking in consideration the competitive market, making the new proposal to stand out on a shelf. The product is easy to handle and use and can be placed in supermarkets in various attractive positions and structural combinations with 2 multi-package options

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