Year: 2020

Co-author: George Amuraritei- mechanical engineer

Brief: rethink the next generation of PET packages by creating disruptive design for a circular economy

Status: concept

Innovative packaging for shampoo and conditioner which consists in a single body, yet multipurpose, one body container with dividing walls.
Inspired by the succession of the actions and functions, namely the cleaning of the hair and the applying of the conditioner afterwards, the innovative packaging questions the need of manufacturing two separate containers, when they are produced by the same brand.

Made from recycled materials, the eco-friendly proposal reduces the quantity of used packaging, the implied resources from the manufacturing process (producing, manoeuvring, storing, filling etc) and assures the manufacturer the acquisition of 2 products simultaneously.

Through this volumetric association (shampoo bottle with opening at the top and conditioner bottle with opening at the bottom), the end customer understands that the shampoo and conditioner are two separate liquids (not a 2 in 1 type), but in one body container, in a playful disruptive packaging design.
The proposed packaging has premium aesthetics that is enhanced both by the chromatic choice and by the visible association of the two typologies of bottles, generated by the different density of liquids.
In addition, the packaging assures a direct correlation between the usage of the shampoo and of the conditioner avoiding any waste that could result from unequal consumption. 

The packaging proposal is designed from 3 pieces: two caps installed at the top and the bottom (created through injection moulding) and one main body with a separating wall (designed with PET stretch blow moulding technology) that contains 400 ml for shampoo and 200 ml for conditioner. However, the proposed dimensions and quantities can be adjusted when needed.
The packaging is obtained through coating the transparent container for shampoo and conditioner maintaining two vertical areas for the visibility of the interior liquid. 

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