Star Brasil = the urban Mosaic

Year: 2013

Collaborators: visual artist Radu Carnariu

Brief: design a celebration bottle that should be representative for the country Brazil

Status: concept

Main Conceptual Tags

  • Brazil = the Unity of Diversity or a joyful syncretic culture
  • Brazil = the coexistence of Past and Present, of Tradition and Modernity
  • Brazil = an anthropological and ethnographical Mosaic
  • Brazil = a Harmony between Nature and Civilization, Religiosity and Science

The Bottle

Sources of inspiration:

  • The Flag of Brazil;
  • The Seal of Federal District;
  • The percussion instrument Caxixi;
  • The indigenous geometrical patterns;
  • The urban Mosaic

StylePolygonal Fusion

Designed as an authentic and innovative iconic premium bottle, StarBrasil synthesizes by shape, volume and color the essential features that define the cultural identity of Brazil. Its brazil-ness emerged from the masculine/feminine volumetric dynamic harmony and the invigorating chromatic result by quoting, adapting and combining various Brazilian emblematic images, symbols, shapes or cultural products and crafts. The basic shape of the bottle generally evokes the Seal of Federal District, the indigenous geometrical patterns, but also a polygonal eponymous of the traditional caxixi

The diamond shaped body of the bottle is inspired by the Brazilian flag rhombus, the very symbol of mineral wealth and prosperity. On both rhomboidal sides of the bottle there are embossed mosaic shaped polygonal contours and surfaces which provides a new and ingenious method of labelling.

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The Label

Sources of icons inspiration: Brazilian crafts, fruits, instruments, Brazilian iconic buildings, Brazilian literature, Brazilian traditions, customs and sports

StyleMinimal HardEdge, neopop

Inspired by the Brazilian flag yellow rhombus, the labelling areas suggest through the depths of the polygonal outlines a dynamic mosaic with a dominant blue circle in the middle, symbol of unity in diversity. On almost each embossed surface determined by these outlines is printed a specific icon with a brief story behind. The main labelling concept was to generate through a random composition of specific Brazilian icons the impression of social and cultural wholeness. This plenitude of icons gathered around the blue circle where the logo StarBrasil centres the global perception is a visual metaphor for Brazilian multi-layered historical civilization, a unique mosaic society.

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