Year: 2016

Brief: design an innovative backpack from recycled truck covers and banners  

Status: limited edition

Manufacturer: UpsideDown

Photo & video credits: Iustin Șurpănelu

Collaborators: visual artist Radu Carnariu

Image Caption

Robinson Bag is an innovative waterproof bag/backpack concept for 13-inch laptops/notebooks made from recycled truck covers and banners.

The first innovation consists in a different approach on designing the removable outer pockets as alternate supplementary storage spaces which simplifies the succession of gestures in case of searching an item in the bag. Furthermore, as the concept implies, the product is wearable without extra pockets as a usual bag or can be switched according to the user’s daily activities.

The second innovation is an ingenious solution regarding the possibility of placing the coffee cup directly on the bag’s flap through a pre-cut X shape as some daily situations when the user has one of his hands unavailable require (urban crowds during peak hours on riding the bus, metro etc). Inspired by the backpack’s rubber pouch for headphones, the bag’s flap efficiently offers a good area for the coffee cup which is easily leaned on the bag without spillage.

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