Sliding Bathtub is a concept proposal of a bathtub that adjusts according to the height of the user.

According to statistics, one of the most pressing world problems is the exhaustion of natural water resources. Studies indicate a tripling of the world’s population, predicting that in the next 15 years the earth will have 50% more water consumers. According to analyses carried out by world organizations, one in five people does not have access to drinking water, two in six live in improper hygiene conditions, and 3,900 people die every day due to the consumption of contaminated water.

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Thus, better water management is required both in the industrial contexts, but especially in the domestic environment. The latest reports by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimate that an average-sized bathtub uses about 270 liters compared to a 5-minute shower, which would require about 95 liters. Seen as an object for “guilty pleasures”, the bathtub represents a rigid, tabu product, unexplored from the point of view of water consumption efficiency.

The aim of this project is to create a flexible (variable size) bathtub for everyone regardless of height and to adjust the needed water quantity accordingly. Thus, the bathtub is fragmented into two distinct landmarks where the materials used and the color indicates its explicit function. The sealing mechanism of the system sliding can be adapted starting from the design of the cases for people with reduced mobility

Year: 2013

Brief: design innovative goods in order to minimize water consumption

Status: concept

Awards: iF concept design award Hansgrohe Award nominee


  • using the necessary volume of water (it is unnecessary for a user with a height of 1.5m to use a
  • 2 m long bathtub)
  • increasing comfort (adjustable from an ergonomic point of view)
  • optimization of the remaining space in the bathroom

Target: both for families with several members and for public spaces (hotels, hostels)

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