Glamster is a provocative envelope bag designed as an ironic gesture regarding the relationship between the product and the consumer through the contrasting association of raw and glam materials.

The paradoxical conjunction of the iconic envelope bag’s elegance and the raw recycled material’s precariousness confers it a strong statement, frown and criticism, features that evoke the Italian Anti-design Movement from the sixties or the pop culture and their attitude, in general. Thus, by using various recycled materials such as plastic foils, leather, metal or crayon scraps, sawdust etc. the statement points out that an accessory such the envelope bag can be not only an object of social status, but also a subject to think about or a design of attitudes.

Year: 2016

Brief: design critical objects

Status: limited edition

Manufacturer: UpsideDown

Photo & video credits: Iustin Șurpănelu

Collaborators: Visual artist Radu Carnariu

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