Innovative and ecological packaging proposal for oil that facilitates the collecting of waste cooking oil after the container is empty.

A single liter of waste cooking oil pollutes a million liters of water harming aquatic and plant life. 25% of water pollution is caused by waste oil.

Instead of collecting the used cooking oil in a separate container, most of the users throw it in the sewage systems. This behavioural pattern is due to the complicated collection process that implies the usage and cleaning of several objects.

Year: 2020-2022

Co-author: Dragos Mititelu- mechanical engineer

Awards: Red Dot Award 2022, Silver Award @Pentawards 2022

Brief: rethink the next generation of PET packages by creating disruptive design for a circular economy

Status: prototype exhibition @ Red Dot Museum Singapore

The innovative and ecological packaging proposal facilitates the collecting of used cooking oil after the container is empty, creating a circular behaviour and encouraging the user to extend the basic functionality of a PET Bottle. The solution consists in a bottle stopper that functions as a funnel when reversed. The bottle stopper/funnel (designed with a no leakage geometry) contains a detachable strainer which retains the impurities. The bottle stopper, funnel and strainer can be produced from recycled ABS using injection technology and may be washed/ reused in the production chain. The main body (made from recycled PET) can be manufactured through stretch blow moulding technology.

The proposal can be extended for 3 quantities: 1, 2 and 5 liters. The containers for 2 and 5 liters have a retractable handle included for improved ergonomics.

The packaging is versatile offering the possibility of customization for various types of cooking oils.

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