Year: 2012

Brief: design innovative furniture

Status: prototype

Awards: 3rd prize at the at the national Competition “Avant-garde Furniture”, prototype category 2012

UP has as its starting point the parents’ gesture of measuring their children and marking their progress on a wall.

Inspired by the gradations of a ruler, the product contains a perforated plate and 3 removable boxes – each box being associated with an age. Marked in different colors, the 3 storage spaces are associated with a height (50, 100, 150 cm) according to age.

Thus, as the child turns into a teenager or adult, his needs increase, and accessibility to the storage space is changed. The interactive product “UP” offers the freedom to the user to store any type of object, to detach, rotate or change the order of the boxes on the board. They can also be used independently in space. The assembly can be very easily prototyped and executed. The material from which it will be made is wood with glossy finishes giving the product an appearance fresh.

Object of remembering and memories, UP interactive storage marks the evolution of a user in time.

Interactive Storing
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Interactive Storing