Year: 2016- 2020

Manufacturer: Electra

Brief: design a series of products using glass and touch keypad technology

Status: serial manufacturing

Consisting in audio and video terminals (with 4,3’’ and 7’’ displays) and video outdoor panels (with customized solutions varying from 1 up to 255 apartments), the TOUCH LINE range of door systems offers a wide variety of functions, in a simple, yet innovative and user-friendly format. The chemically toughened glass surface complemented by a backlit touch keypad, makes the products easily adaptable to any interior layout and design.

The design integrates state-of-the-art technology, which offers a new level of user-friendliness and an intuitive operation of its functions. The premium appearance of the products is given by the use of glass as the dominating constructive element, as well as by the compact build, resulting in a slim product. Available in two color options, black and white, the products are created in alignment with contemporary architecture, being easy to place and incorporate in numerous indoor environments.

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Designed and executed in compliance with international standards, and made of environment-friendly materials, the products comply with the principles of a democratic design, combining an accessible price with a premium appearance, through the use of glass- an ecological material. 

Kompact Series
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Kompact Series