The 2Smart 7” video terminal is a highly innovative product of the new ELECTRA 2Smart range of door systems with 2-wire connection, featuring a very slim design, an attractive color combination and a wide variety of functions meant to ensure the safety and comfort of the user.

“Complex but not complicated” is probably one of the most relevant mottos for describing the underlying philosophy of the innovative 2Smart video terminal, which represents a well-balanced combination of intuitive design, touch technology and chemically toughened, tempered glass, as an ecological material.

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Year: 2020

Manufacturer: Electra

Brief: design an indoor video terminal with a 2-wire technology

Status: serial manufacturing

Awards: Archiproducts Award 2020

The 2Smart terminal is easily integrated in contemporary architecture, being conceived according to the latest design and technology trends and developing an authentic “aesthetics of the invisible”, while also being a remarkable element of an interior setting, without being intrusive.

Designed to be seen only when it’s needed, the product has a keypad that is visible only when it is touched, being dominated by a user-centred approach that is oriented towards accessibility, through the use of a comprehensive visual language, determined by principles of ergonomics and interaction design, by means of user-friendly graphic symbols.

Placed as a central element of design, the glass has visible edges, which are double polished at an angle of 45 degrees, giving the feeling of floating or suspended glass. Through a compact and essentialized outside appearance, the product can be easily installed on the surface or in the wall (flush) and includes a 7-inch display that offers an optimal visual experience.

The inspiration for the product was rooted in the 2-wire connection technology, which translated into a clever wordplay regarding the name and identity of the product (2Smart), as well as into the dual, contrasting use of the black and white tones.

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