Year: 2015

Brief: design a workstation for nomads

Status: concept

“Easy” is a concept of a mobile/interactive workstation for nomad workers. The unit consists in a table hinged to a foldable chair and a detachable, foldable desk divider.

Based on this specific research regarding the concept of mobile working the nomad doesn’t always have a dedicated workspace, a nearby space for storage or, at least, the same set up as a regular employee. Also, the mobile worker has to switch locations most of their time, which implies that he/she is increasingly tired in comparison with other workers. Other challenges encountered by the mobile worker might be: synchronizing with others for meetings, integrating into the organization, access to various gadgets and devices.

The unit:

  • is easy to manufacture
  • is easy to move from one place to another
  • offers storing space: below the chair (for bags, backpacks) and the table top (for coats or jackets)
  • is foldable (the unit is used only when it’s need it) resulting more space

The desk divider is crucial in order to provide intimacy and help the mobile worker to focus on individual work. The proposed desk divider in terms of functionality, manufacturability and aesthetics:

  • is detachable and foldable in order to offer visual and acoustical privacy to the user whenever it’s needed.
  • is easy to mount and dismount (using magnetic snap fasteners)
  • provides a storing space for several office supplies (paper, pens, markers, business cards, rulers, post its, etc.)  through the interior pockets which are built in the desk divider. This solution helps the nomad to carry less items from a location to another.
  • is a 2-layer reinforced fabric sandwich
  • can be manufactured from a variety of fabrics and colors in order to be suitable to various environments
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